1. Open an internet browser and visit https://azphoneware.com.
  2. Hover over the LOGIN option and select ADMIN PORTAL LOGIN. Admin portal login screen is displayed.
  3. Enter the direct telephone number of a user with administrator priveleges. Enter the number without formatting characters such as ()-.
  4. Enter the commportal password for the account. The default password was included in your original user training documentation, but it can be changed. If you don’t know the admin portal password, contact PHONEWARE support.  Admin portal is displayed after password is successfully entered.
  5. The initial screen should be the LINES screen. Using the scroll bars at the right, locate the desired user, and then click on the icon to the far right of their name. User commportal for selected user will be opened.
  6. Click on the SETTINGS option on the top menu bar. User account settings are displayed.
  7. Click the EDIT option next to Personal Details, and change the user name, and then click SAVE.

NOTE: There is also a button on the right side of this screen that says “RESET ACCOUNT”. You can use this option, but be aware of the consequences. Clicking this option will do the following:

  • Delete the user name. You can edit the name after you have reset the account. 
  • Delete all user’s greetings and return all settings to default values. 
  • Delete all messages in the mailbox. 
  • Activate the new user tutorial.

8. Close the user commportal window when changes are complete.