It is important to note that the email address for a billing account and the username do not need to be the same.

When you create a billing login to the Phoneware billing portal, you are asked to create a username, and you will be presented with the option to set this username as your email address. But, it does not need to be your email address, and could be “cupcake123” if you wanted it to be, as long as “cupcake123” is not already taken as a username in the Phoneware billing system.

So, if you have multiple Phoneware accounts and need to create a unique username for each account, you will not be able to use your email address as the username for each account, because that would result in duplicate usernames. So, it will be necessary to create two unique usernames, even though the email address associated with each billing login account is the same.

For example: Two accounts – ACME Products – Arizona and ACME Products – California. The email address for the billing contact for both is In this example, the username for one site might be “ACME-AZ” and the second site might be “ACME-CA”.

Please note that when there are multiple sites, it is possible to create a parent/child relationship for these sites so that one master invoice is generated for all sites and sent to the parent or headquarters site. In this case, it would only be necessary to create a login for the parent/hq site and not for each individual site.

If you wish to make changes to the hierarchy of your Phoneware account(s) or have questions, please contact us via email