Aastra 6731i web recovery instructions:

  1. While power is disconnected from the phone, press and hold the 1 and # buttons on the keypad while simultaneously connecting power.
  2. Phone will eventually reboot and screen will show something like this, but with a different IP address:
     Web Recovery at:
  3. Now, you need to open an internet browser on a computer that is connected to the same network as the phone (i.e. a computer at the same location). In the browser window, type in the address shown in the web recovery message, i.e.,
  4. You should get a web form titled AASTRA IP PHONE RECOVERY.
  5. Fill out this web form as follows:
  6. Filename: name of firmware image file (we will typically provide this to you)
  7. Upgrade type: Firmware
  8. Download Protocol: TFTP
  9. TFTP Server: IP address of TFTP server (we will typically provide this to you)
  10. TFTP Path: path to files on TFTP server (we will typically provide this to you)
  11. 6. Click on DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE button. Phone should download firmware and then reset.