Using the Hot-Desking Feature on Yealink T4X and T5X phones

If your phone is configured to use Hot-Desking, this means that you can log out of one extension at a phone, and log in a different extension to the same phone. This is designed for multiple people sharing the same phone or phones.

An example of how this would be used is a desk or workstation that is available for different people to use on different days. For example, on Monday, Linda sits at this shared workstation and she logs the phone into her extension number 201. This causes the phone to take on all of the configuration and identity of Linda’s extension. When she leaves, she logs the phone out, which causes the configuration of her extension 201 to be erased from the phone. When the phone is logged out like this, it is not usable until someone logs in with their extension. On Tuesday, Robert is going to use this same shared workstation so he logs the phone into his extension number 202. The phone takes on the identity and configuration of his extension until he logs it out again, reading it for use by the next person.

Hot-Desk Log In Instructions:

  1. When a phone is logged out, the display buttons will be blank, it will show NO SERVICE at the top left, and you will see a LOGIN label on the first button along the bottom of the phone display. Press the LOGIN button.
  2. When prompted for a Username, enter your ten-digit direct phone number (not the business main number, YOUR personal direct phone number). To enter the digits, you should make sure the entry mode is set to 123 on the second menu button at the bottom of the screen. You can simply press this button to cycle through the options:
    123 = Digits Only
    abc = Lower case letters
    ABC = upper case letters
    Abc = First character upper, then lower case.
    2aB = cycle through numbers, lower case letters, and uppercase letters.
  3. After entering your ten-digit direct telephone number, press the down arrow button.
  4. Now, enter your User Commportal password. This should have been provided to you and should also be printed on your quick reference user guide. The default password starts with PHNW followed by four numbers. You may need to toggle the entry mode as described above to properly complete the entry of the password. Data entry is the old T9 method where you use the digits on the keypad to step through the letters associated with each button. For example, to enter PHNW2244, you would need to enter as follows:
    – Make sure entry mode is set to ABC by pressing the 2nd button on the display until it shows ABC.
    – Press 7 44 66 9 then press the ABC button until it shows 123 then press 2244.
  5. Press the OK option at the right side of the phone menu. Your phone will display “Config updating” for a moment, and then your phone should look normal with buttons configured and with your extension number shown at the top left corner of the phone.

Hot-Desk Log Out Instructions:

  1. Find the Hot Desk button on your phone. You may need to press the bottom right [1 2 3] menu button to switch between display pages to find the Hot Desk button.
  2. Press the Hot Desk button on your phone. You will be prompted to confirm. Then press OK.
  3. Phone will erase its configuration and will reboot. When the phone boots back up, it will be in the logged out condition and it will need to be logged in to be usable again.