If your business group is subscribed to the custom music-on-hold service, it is easy for an administrator to upload a new media file so that callers on hold hear that audio while on hold.

Acceptable media formats are Wave and MP3.

To upload and activate a custom music-on-hold audio file:

  1. Log in to the admin portal at https://phoneware.uccommportal.com/bg.
  2. Select MUSIC ON HOLD on the left side menu. A new browser window should open. You may have to allow popup windows.
  3. Click on the RESOURCES tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter a new unused ID number and a description, then click on CHOOSE FILE and locate the desired audio file, then click ADD. It is possible that you may need to first delete an unused media file before you can add a new one. Keep in mind that you may not delete the currently active media file — you would first need to make it inactive to delete it. See below for how to activate the desired music file.
  5. After you have uploaded the new audio file, click on the MAPPINGS tab at the top of the screen.
  6. Search for the entry that has DEFAULT listed as the directory number, and click the EDIT button at the right.
  7. Choose the new audio file you uploaded in step 4 as the initial resource. Set the action to REPEAT. Leave follow-up resource blank. Set the start point to RANDOM. Then click SAVE.

Your new custom music-on-hold audio file should now be active. Make a test call and put yourself on hold to hear a sample.

Note: It may be necessary to adjust the volume of the audio file. To do this, click on the RESOURCES tab, then click EDIT on the file you just uploaded, and change the gain setting to turn the volume up or down.

If you need assistance, please contact support@phoneware.us.