If a phone is equipped to receive messages for a shared general or departmental voicemail box, it allows multiple people to monitor and access messages left for the department or company.

When a message is left in the shared voicemail box, it will trigger multiple locations on the phones that are configured with access to the shared mailbox:

  • Flashing message waiting light
  • Envelope icon in the status bar showing the number of messages
  • Optional pop-up window showing new voicemail message received.

To access the shared voicemail box:

  1. DO NOT lift the handset or press the speaker button, as doing so will bypass the message display and will call directly into your personal voicemail box.
  2. Press the envelope button on your phone.
  3. Your screen will show all of the mailboxes assigned to your phone, including your personal voicemail box, and it will also show how many new and old messages are in each box.
  4. Select the shared voicemail box by either using your up and down arrows and pressing OK or connect, or press the digit corresponding to the mailbox number.
  5. You will be connected to the general mailbox. Typically, general mailboxes do not require a PIN/Password so you should be able to immediately listen to messages without first entering a PIN.