Instructions for setting up the Bria Softphone App on the Apple iPad

You will need two pieces of information to set up the Bria softphone app on your iPad:

  • Your PHONEWARE telephone number
  • Your registration password

You will also need to download and install the Bria Softphone for iPad from the Apple App Store.

Setup instructions:

1. Launch Bria App

2. Click on SETTINGS icon in upper right corner (wrench icon).

3. Accounts tab should be selected by default on the left, on the right are shown a list of accounts that are configured. If this is a new installation there will be no accounts shown on the right.

4. Click on the (+) button in the upper right hand corner to add an account.

5. List of VoIP providers will be shown. Select [SIP] option (should be the first option).

6.  Complete NEW SIP ACCOUNT information as follows:

  • Account Name: your complete phone number with no separating characters, i.e. 6028451698
  • Display As: leave blank
  • Username: your complete phone number with no separating characters, i.e. 6028451698
  • Password: enter the registration password given to you by your PHONEWARE representative
  • Domain:
  • ENABLED: Leave at OFF until all settings are complete
  • VM Number: *98

7. Click on ACCOUNT ADVANCED option at the bottom of the screen.

8. Complete ACCOUNT ADVANCED information as follows:

  • —Account Additional—
    • Out. Proxy: (press DONE button in upper right corner after finished entering address)
    • Auth Name: leave blank
  • —DTMF Type—
    • Send DTMF using: keep at default – RFC2833
  • —Network Traversal—
    • GLOBAL IP WIFI: keep at default – OFF
    • Global IP MOBILE: keep at default – OFF
    • CONNECTION REUSE: keep at default – On
  • —Call Dialing—
    • Use Tel Uri: keep at default – Off
  • —Transport and Security —
    • SIP Transport: keep at default – UDP
    • Encrypt Audio: keep at default – Never
  • —SIP Registration—
    • Incoming Calls: keep at default – On
    • Single Register: keep at default – Off
    • Refresh Interval: keep at default – 900
  • —Keep Alive—
    • WiFi Interval: keep at default – 30
    • Mobile Interface: keep at default – 9

9. Click on <<<New SIP Account button at top left of Account Advanced screen

10. Set ENABLED option to ON. Status should now show REGISTERED at top of screen

11. Click on SAVE button at top right of screen.

12. Click on CLOSE button at top left of screen to close SETTINGS screen.

13. Make a test call by clicking on the dialpad button at the top near right corner.