Instructions for setting up the Bria Softphone App on an Android phone or tablet

You will need two pieces of information to set up the Bria softphone app on your Android device:

  • Your PHONEWARE telephone number
  • Your registration password

You will also need to download and install the Bria Android VoIP Softphone app from the Google Play Store.

Setup instructions:

1. Launch Bria App

2. You should see a status message informing you that you don’t have active accounts. Touch + Add Account.

Bria android 1

















3. List of VoIP providers will be shown. Touch [SIP] Making Calls.

Bria android 2
















4.  Complete information as follows:

  • Account Name: Any label you wish, or the phone number.

  • Display As: your complete phone number with no separating characters, i.e. 6024457777

  • Username: your complete phone number with no separating characters, i.e. 6024457777

  • Password: enter the registration password given to you by your PHONEWARE representative

  • Domain:

  • VM Number: *98

Bria android 3













5. Scroll down and touch ACCOUNT ADVANCED option at the bottom of the screen.

Bria android 5















6. Complete Account Advanced options as follows:

  • Outbound Proxy =
  • All other fields can be left at default.


Bria android 6
















7. Press BACK button on Android Device to exit Account Advanced screen. Press BACK button again to exit Account Setup screen. List of accounts should now show that the account you added is active and registered. Should show a green circle with a phone handset and two arrows on the left of the account, and a circle with a checkmark at the right of the account showing that the account is selected to be active. If these results are not shown, it indicates there was an error registering the device to the account. If this happens, review the steps above and insure all data was correctly entered including proper capitalization of the password. If still unable to register, contact PHONEWARE support.

Bria android 8















8. Press BACK button on Android Device again to exit the accounts screen return to the SETTINGS screen, then select the PREFERENCES option.

Bria android 9a
















9. To use the Bria app on your mobile data network (3G/4G/LTE, etc), insure that the “use when available” and “allow VoIP calls” options are both checked. Press BACK button on Android device after these options are confirmed. This will return you the SETTINGS screen.

Bria android 9c
















10. Touch the phone handset icon at the lower left of the screen to take you to the dial screen. You are now ready to make and receive calls.

Bria android 10
















If at any time you wish to NOT receive calls on your Bria app, simply selection MENU/EXIT to close the app.

If you have multiple accounts, you can repeat the steps above to add more than one account to your Bria app. You can also use the checkmark to the right of each account on the SETTINGS/ACCOUNTS screen to select which accounts/lines you are registered and active.

NOTE REGARDING WIFI and 3G/4G/LTE: 3G/4G internet access is sometimes not suitable for quality VOIP communications. Wifi should be used whenever possible.