Basic Instructions

Send email to

  • Generic fax cover page is included with sender’s contact info filled in, taken from sender’s account on PHONEWARE fax server.
  • Subject line of email is inserted into subject line of fax cover page.
  • Body of email is inserted into comments section of fax cover page.
  • Files attached to email of type PDF, TIF, or TXT are sent as additional fax pages.

Optional parameters

You may also send the email with additional optional parameters included to customize the fax transmission. Custom parameters are specified by including “/” followed by the parameter and value. No spaces can be included in the parameters, so if spaces are desired, use the underscore character “_”.

ATTN=name – specifies recipient’s name, and is inserted in the “To:” field of the cover page.
Example: fax=6022536811/

ORG=name – specifies the company name of the recipient, and is insert in the “Company:” field of the cover page.

COVER-PAGE-ENABLED=true/false – turns cover page inclusion on or off.

COVER-PAGE-NAME=coverpagefile.pdf – specifies a custom cover page to be sent. Note that this would need to be a cover page that is already on file in our fax server.