An administrator can reset a subscriber account for a new user.

The steps outlined below will perform the following changes on the subscriber line:

  • Change the name for phone displays and the dial by name directory
  • Change passwords
  • Set up voicemail message delivery via email
  • All existing voicemail messages and user greetings will be erased.
  • Record the user’s name to be used as a temporary voicemail greeting and for the company directory (optional)
  • Activate the new user tutorial

Steps to reset a subscriber:

  1. Login as administrator. Via the admin portal, go to lines, find the line you wish to reset. At the right side, you will see a drop down box with actions. Click on this dropdown box and select RESET LINE. Enter the new user name. Check “Also use as local calling name”. Uncheck “remove from groups”. Click APPLY, then click CONFIRM.
  2. You will see a window pop up showing new account info including temporary passwords. We are not going to keep those passwords though, so disregard them. Click OK.
  3. You should be back at the line selection screen. We now want to open the line we reset in the user portal. Click on the Actions dropdown menu and select “View Individual Settings”. This should open a small window showing the user portal of the subscriber line you just reset.
  4. In the user portal window, click on VIEW ACCOUNT SETTINGS item at the lower right of the user portal window. Then click on CHANGE PASSWORD, then enter and confirm the new password and click CONFIRM.  Do the same for the CHANGE VOICEMAIL PIN and CHANGE CALL SERVICES PIN settings. The account password should be an 8 character password with letters and numbers. The PINS should each be four digits. These should be the default values that were given to your staff when your cloud-based phone service was first set up, and you may find these passwords printed on your Phoneware user guides.
  5. IMPORTANT: Now click on the CALL SETTINGS round orange icon in the user portal window. The RESET ACCOUNT function you performed in step 1 erased the caller ID settings. Check the two boxes labeled “Provide caller ID for incoming calls” and “Provide caller name for incoming calls”, then click the APPLY button at the top (you may need to scroll up).
  6. IMPORTANT: Click on the NOTIFICATIONS round orange icon in the user portal window, then click on the checkbox titled “Send phone notification of incoming messages to the following phone numbers” and also ensure that the box under ALL VOICEMAIL is checked. Click APPLY.
  7. Now close the small user portal window you opened for this subscriber. You should now be back at the administrator page.
  8. Click on the PHONES menu option at the left, then select the MANAGE YOUR PHONE PROFILES link at the top of the screen.
  9. Edit each phone model profile to change the monitored extension buttons on all phones, replacing the previous user’s name with the new user’s name. Save changes. Phones will get their updated configuration settings after 3am on the next day, or you may reset power to phones to cause them to get a new configuration immediately. After updating the first phone model, you can return to the phone model selection screen by clicking on the HOME icon (picture of a house) at the top left of your phone profile configuration window. After all phone button labels have been updated, close this window. You should be returned back to the administrator portal.
  10. Now you must log out of the administrator portal window and log into the user portal of the subscriber account you just reset, since the Administrator cannot change the following items and you must log in as the subscriber themselves to make these changes. Select LOGIN / USER COMMPORTAL at the top of the website and enter the ten-digit telephone number of the line you reset in step 1, and enter the password you created in step 4.
  11. Click on the MESSAGE SETTINGS round orange icon. Check the box “forward messages as emails”, then click on the “add an email address” link and enter the user’s email address. If you want voicemail messages to remain in the user’s phone account and on their phone, then check the box titled  “Leave original in inbox”. However, if you wish to have messages only delivered via email and NOT remain on the phone or in the user’s phone account, leave this box unchecked. Lastly, if you choose “Leave original in inbox”, you should also check “Include action links in emails”. This option will include handy links in the email message that is sent which will allow the user to delete the message on their phone, mark it as read, and other functions which make it handier to manage messages that were delivered to two destinations (phone and email).
  12. Click on the VOICEMAIL GREETING item on the same settings page to open the voicemail greeting settings. Use the greeting “system with name” and then click the RECORD link to record the user’s name using a USB headset or a microphone on your PC. Apply all changes. This step is not necessary, as the user will be presented with a new user tutorial which will walk them through recording their name and a personal greeting.

The process is now complete. The subscriber line has been reset. All voicemail messages for the previous user have been deleted, as have the previous user’s voicemail greetings. All settings have been configured for the new user. The new user tutorial has been activated.