Phoneware offers two types of Auto Attendant services:

Easy Attendant is our standard auto attendant and is the one used by most of our customers. It offers two menus, each with its own announcement. These menus are used for business hours and for non-business hours such as nights, weekends and holidays. Each menu can also have numbered announcements, such as a general announcement stating your general company info including your address, fax number, and website. The Easy Attendant offers a simple, single-level menu system. The easy attendant does not offer a separate special announcement that will be played on holidays. Therefore, when your holidays are scheduled under the “special days” setting of your auto attendant, your normal non-business hours announcement will be played. For organizations that just close on standard holidays, that will probably suffice. But if your organization observes an extended holiday break, you might want to play a special announcement for your callers to hear when they call. If your organization utilizes our easy attendant service and would like to have the ability to automatically schedule a separate holiday announcement to play on holidays, you can subscribe to our Premium Attendant service for $15 per month. To upgrade your Easy Attendant service to a Premium Attendant service, simply contact Phoneware Support, and we can set this up for you quickly. We will also have our professional voice artist record new announcements for you when you sign up for the Premium Attendant service.

Premium Attendant is our optional auto attendant service and is used by those of our customers who need a more complex auto attendant menu system. It offers multiple menus, such as business hours, non-business hours. holiday, special closure, lunch mode, etc. It also offers multiple announcements which can be assigned to the multiple menus, or used for informational announcements such as general company info. The Premium Attendant also offers a multilayer menu system which allows the creation of submenus for multidepartment and multilingual menu systems.

If you would like to keep the Easy Attendant service, and you want to re-record a special holiday message to play, click on the link at the bottom of this page for instructions. Then, whenever your system is in the non-business hours or special days mode, callers will hear this recording in place of your regular non-business hours recording. If you do make this change, don’t forget to repeat this process and re-record your standard announcement so that callers will again hear this when they call your organization outside of regular business hours.

If your organization is already subscribed to our Premium Attendant service, you can simply record a new holiday announcement.

For instructions on how to record your Easy and Premium Attendant announcements via telephone, click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Phoneware Support.