A missed call is defined as a call that rang on a particular phone but stopped ringing on the phone before being answered. The caller may have hung up before being answered, or the call may have been routed to a group that was ringing on multiple phones and was answered at a different phone in the ringing group. However, the call is still considered a missed call on the phone that rang but did not answer.

Yealink phones offer multiple features related to missed calls:

  1. Pop-up Message. Phones can be configured with a pop-up message that shows on the screen with a display that shows “X New Missed Call(s)”. This pop-up message can be cleared by pressing the X button on the phone (under the navigation arrows). This pop-up message can also be disabled if it is not desired. If a phone is a member of a ringing group, this pop-up message SHOULD be disabled, otherwise, it will constantly be displayed on the phones that are members of the group whenever a group call is answered at another extension. To have the missed calls popup message disabled on your phone, please send a request via email to service@phoneware.us.
  2. Notification Icon. The notification area of a Yealink phone is at the top of the screen. Missed calls will show in this area as a crooked arrow with a number indicating the quantity of missed calls. This notification status can be cleared by simply viewing the missed call list (see next item).
  3. Call History. The call history list on the phone will show all calls, missed calls, placed calls, received calls, and forwarded calls. As stated above, simply viewing the call history will clear the missed calls icon on the notification area at the top of the phone display.