We are often asked the question: “Why does my phone show missed calls when the call was not actually missed and was answered by another person in my office?”

The Missed Calls notification feature on your Yealink phone is an indication that your phone received a call, and then the call stopped ringing without being answered at your phone. This is regardless of what happened with the call that was ringing multiple extensions simultaneously and may have been answered elsewhere. This notification is indicating that “your phone received a call and you did not answer it”. This notification is NOT an indication that “a call was received and NO ONE answered it.” It is not possible for your phone to “know” that a call was answered elsewhere.

For this reason, the Missed Call notification feature is typically disabled on phones that are members of a ringing group, otherwise, they would constantly receive Missed Call notification messages.

For users who are not members of a ringing group, a Missed Call notification would typically imply that someone was trying to reach them directly while they were away from their desk, and they missed that call.

If you would like to have the Missed Call notification feature disabled on an extension, please contact service@phoneware.us and send us the extension number or direct telephone number of the phone that you would like to have this feature disabled.