Click here to watch a complete video of how to configure business hours and holidays using both the Easy Attendant and Premium Attendant.

These instructions are for businesses that use a full time auto attendant to answer incoming calls, and the auto attendant type is an PREMIUM ATTENDANT.

  1. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and visit
  2. Hover over the LOGIN option and select “admin portal login”.
  3. Enter the telephone number and password of a line with administrator privileges. Admin portal is displayed.
  4. Click on ATTENDANTS on the menu at the left side of the screen.
  5. Find your Premium Attendant and click ACTIONS and then VIEW ATTENDANT SETTINGS. Premium attendant settings will open in a new window.
  6. Click on OPEN ATTENDANT SETTINGS button.
  7. Click on the SCHEDULE tab. Your current daily business hours are shown in a grid. To set your holidays, click on the SPECIAL DAYS item toward the botton of the list of periods. Calendar is then opened.
  8. Select the desired menu to be played during holidays, “during this period, use this menu:” For example, you may have a menu titled “Holiday Menu”, and you would select this menu.
  9. Special days / holidays are shown on the calendar as shaded days. You can either manually set holidays by navigating to the desired date and clicking on the day to shade it and designate it as a holiday. Or, you can click on the Add Public Holidays button and select the appropriate list of holidays, such as US Holidays 2014. Keep in mind that this will add all federal holidays including days like MLK Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day. You may have to deselect some of these days.
  10. Once the desired days have been set, click on the APPLY button to save your changes, then click CLOSE to close the premium attendant window.
  11. This completes the process and you can close out the admin portal tab or window.