There are two ways to change telephone ring tones:

Method 1 – via the telephone options menu:

  1. Press the OPTIONS button (gear icon).
  2. Enter password and press the Enter menu key. (Password should be printed on the telephone quick reference guides you received when your system was installed.)
  3. Press right arrow button on navigation dialpad to the AUDIO option.
  4. Press down arrow button on navigation dialpad to the RING TONES option.
  5. Press Enter button on the center of the navigation dial button or the SELECT button from the on-screen menu.
  6. Scroll up and down to select the desired ringtone.
  7. Press the SAVE menu button.
  8. Press the QUIT menu button or the GOODBYE button.

Method 2 – via the user commportal:

  1. Open an internet browser and visit
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the LOGIN menu option and select USER COMMPORTAL.
  3. Enter your office phone direct dial telephone number.
  4. Enter your commportal password. (Password should be printed on the telephone quick reference guides you received when your system was installed.)
  5. User commportal dashboard should be displayed. Click on the SETTINGS item on the main top menu.
  6. Under Settings menu / Account tab, click on the SET KEYS option under DEVICES.
  7. This should bring you to a picture of your phone. Click on the EDIT button to edit the settings for your phone.
  8. This should pop open a new window, the phone settings window. (You may need to allow popups in your browser)
  9. In the phone settings window, click on USER and then click on LINE 1.
  10. You should see an option here that says “Ring tone”. Typically, this will be set at GLOBAL. GLOBAL means that the setting on the phone will be followed. If you select a ring tone via the user commportal, this will override the setting on the phone. Unfortunately, not all ring tones can be selected via the portal. In order to select a ring tone on the phone, the ring tone in the portal must be set to GLOBAL.
  11. After selecting a ring tone, click on SAVE CHANGES at the lower right.
  12. Your phone will receive the configuration changes over night, or you can restart your phone to cause the changes to go into effect immediately. To restart your phone, either remove power for 5 seconds and then restore power, or you can navigate via the settings menu to the restart option in the same manner that you changed the ringing tone. Just go all the way to the right on the menu and select the RESTART option.

For further assistance, please contact the Phoneware service department at 602-445-7777 option 1, or via email