1. Log into the admin portal. For assistance, click here.
  2. Hover over the LOGIN option and select ADMIN PORTAL LOGIN. Admin portal login screen is displayed.
  3. Enter the direct telephone number of a user with administrator privileges. Enter the number without formatting characters such as ()-.
  4. Enter the commportal password for the account. The default password was included in your original user training documentation, but it can be changed. If you don’t know the admin portal password, contact PHONEWARE support.  Admin portal is displayed after the password is successfully entered.
  5. Click on the CALL ANALYTICS or CALL REPORTS option on the main menu at the left.
  6. Click on the DOWNLOAD LOGS link at the top right of the screen.
  7. Enter a date range (maximum of 1 month, and must be within the past 90 days)
  8. Click DOWNLOAD button. CSV File will be downloaded. You can then open the resulting CSV file and it should open with your spreadsheet program.

For more info on Call Analytics, Reports, and Call Logs, click here to watch a 6-minute video.

A few notes about call logs:

Call types description:

  • Terminating. These are inbound calls to your business group.
  • Originating. These are outbound calls from your business group.
  • Intra BG. These are calls within your business group, from one station or telephone number to another within your office. Often, these Intra-BG calls will be a result of how calls are routed. See below.

It is important to note that a single call can result in multiple call records. For example, if your main telephone number is 602-445-7777, and that number in turn causes three phones to ring – 602-445-1222, 602-445-1213, and 602-445-1217, and the call is answered by 602-445-1217, this will result in 4 call records:

  1. A terminating call from the caller to 602-445-7777.
  2. An intra-bg call from 602-445-7777 to 602-445-1222 that was not answered.
  3. An intra-bg call from 602-445-7777 to 602-445-1213 that was not answered.
  4. An intra-bg call from 602-445-7777 to 602-445-1217 that WAS answered.

If you have further questions, please contact the PHONEWARE Service Department at 602-445-7777 ext 1, or via email service@azphoneware.com.