Yealink T5-Series VoIP Telephones

Ten Ways Cloud-Based Telecom Can Help Your Business


1. Reduces Your Capital Expenditure

No expensive servers to purchase. Only equipment purchase required is inexpensive VoIP telephones.

2. Reduces and Controls Operating Expense

Phone lines are not required, nor are maintenance contracts on servers. Cost for cloud-based services is typically over 20% less than traditional phone line and server premises-based telephone systems. PHONEWARE includes lifetime support at no additional cost.

3. Keeps Your Business Operating 24×365

Servers reside in redundant and secure data centers. In the event of a power failure or internet outage, phone calls automatically redirect to staff cell phones. 

4. Helps You Present a Professional Business Image

Features historically unavailable to small and medium businesses are now standard, such as direct telephone numbers for every telephone, music on hold, automated attendant, mobile phone connectivity, and much more. 

5. Delivers Advanced Features

Voicemail delivery via email, transcription of messages, intuitive reporting, call recording, custom music on hold, and many other advanced features, as well a full complement of standard features such as caller ID, voicemail, call transfer, conference calling, paging, intercom, and many more. 

6. Allows You To Work Anywhere

Plug a phone into any internet connection – at the office, at a remote office, at home, out of state, out of the country. Your phone works the same, takes its numbers and capabilities with it,  no matter where it is as long as it has a suitable internet connection. 

7. Keeps You Mobile

Business calls ring your office phone and your cell phone simultaneously. Transfer calls answered on your cell phone. Make calls from your cell phone displaying your office caller ID. Make and receive business calls on your mobile phone, your tablet, or your laptop computer. You don’t even need a phone.

8. Grows and Changes with Your Business

Unparalleled flexibility allows deployment for 1 phone or 1,000, with ease of scalability as your business grows and changes.

9. Empowers Self-Administration With Ease and Style

Phone system features and services are managed via the web from anywhere. Interfaces are easy to understand and use.

10. Provides Automatic Upgrades

Firmware upgrades and configuration changes are transmitted to phones overnight and happen automatically. Servers are kept up to date in the data centers. New features and capabilities are added regularly.

Cloud-Based Telecom Lets You Focus On Your Business

Spend your valuable time focusing on your business, not on maintaining a phone system or constantly dealing with or worrying about service issues. With no equipment to purchase or maintain, and free support, you can focus on what’s most important – your success! 


The Rapidly Evolving World of Business Telecom

If there is an industry that has evolved and changed the most in recent years, it would have to be the business telephone industry. Perhaps one of the biggest game changers with regard to business telephone service has been the Internet. Broadband Internet service has allowed for a variety of cloud-based VoIP related telephone services to quickly dominate the market. Largely considered a disruptive technology, which completely displaces established standards, cloud-based VoIP telephone service is changing the very nature of making and receiving telephone calls.

Modern-Day VoIP Telephone Service Is Crisp, Clear And Reliable

Cloud-Based VoIP telephone service, also known as Hosted or Hosted VoIP telephone service has made telephone communication more affordable. It has also made making a call more accessible and more convenient than was possible a few short years ago. While the early days of VoIP service saw challenges with regard to voice quality and dependability, modern-day VoIP telephone service is crisp, clear and reliable. The call quality of a VoIP call today is actually superior to the call quality on a traditional digital or analog telephone system. Most importantly, this type of telephone service has greatly reduced the overall cost involved with maintaining a business telephone systems, with significantly lower capital investment, reduced monthly operating costs, and free domestic long distance calling.

It’s Hard To Imagine Why Any Business Would Not Consider Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Service

Another important consideration with regard to this type of phone service is that it is technologically advanced and offers more added services and features than could ever have been imagined with traditional telephone service. With so many benefits and so little downside it’s hard to imagine why anybody would not consider cloud-based VoIP telephone service as their preferred telephone service for their business. Explore the possibilities this powerful new telephone technology offers with regard to saving money and improving productivity. Simple and affordable are the core elements of cloud-based VoIP telephone service.

Exceptional Value On A Wide Range Of Telecommunications Services

PHONEWARE is a cloud-based telecom service provider that has grown in popularity in recent years. Offering exceptional value on a wide range of telecommunication services, this is one company that gets it right with regard to cutting edge phone technology at budget minded prices. Additional services offered by this premier internet telephony service provider include support of a wide range of VoIP telephone manufacturers, such as Aastra, Cisco, and Polycom, as telephone accessories, headsets, soft phone client applications, and mobile phone apps. In addition, the company offers a variety of telephone, fax and voicemail services designed to take advantage of the latest Internet and cloud-based technology. Explore your options with regard to affordable telecom products and services by contacting or visiting PHONEWARE.