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Not all call centers and not all call-center technology are the same, that is why it is important to choose carefully when planning for your next VoIP hosted telephone system. Phoneware cloud-based telecom is the source for call center systems Tucson businesses large and small have come to know and trust. With incredibly intuitive features that are flexible and powerful, Phoneware cloud-based telecom is a cut above when it comes to quality VoIP hosted telephone systems.

A Wide Range Of Added Benefits

With exceedingly outstanding high-definition voice quality, a VoIP hosted telephone system can provide some of the highest quality audio that immediately becomes apparent because of its superior quality as compared to traditional telephone call systems. The system features a wide range of added benefits including voicemail, where recorded calls can easily be retrieved from a traditional phone or where messages may be delivered to the recipient via e-mail. Even more innovative is the fact that messages can even be transcribed and sent to a recipient’s e-mail.

Innovative And State-Of-The-Art System

Another unique feature is SkyLine cloud-based VoIP telephone extensions. This unique feature provides as many as 9 lines per individual extension. It also offers long distance calling that is virtually unlimited in terms of outbound domestic calls. Caller ID, hold music, voicemail and even various types of conference calls are possible with this innovative and state-of-the-art system. In addition, those using this highly innovative system can even record conversations where required. Having the ability to record calls and then have access to those recordings via a website that is secure and safe allows for easy, convenient and simple review.

Cloud-Based Telecom

Another unique feature is auto attendant. This fully automated functionality is able to answer calls, play a wide range of pre-recorded announcements, and even transfer calls to extensions or other types of off-site telephone systems or numbers. When companies choose Phoneware the possibilities are virtually endless. Faxing is also made available through this cutting-edge system. SkyFax offers a simple fax to e-mail technology that allows recipients to receive a fax, and then easily convert them into PDF style formatting. When using Phoneware cloud-based telecom it is also easy to send a fax directly from any type of device without the necessity of having a fax machine. Contact Phoneware cloud-based telecom today to learn more about this innovative state-of-the-art communication system.