1. Open an internet browser and visit https://azphoneware.com.
  2. Hover over the LOGIN option and select ADMIN PORTAL. Admin portal login screen is displayed.
  3. Enter the direct telephone number of a user with administrator privileges. Enter the number without formatting characters such as ()-.
  4. Enter the commportal password for the account. The default password was included in your original user training documentation, but it can be changed. If you don’t know the admin portal password, contact PHONEWARE support. Admin portal is displayed after password is successfully entered.
  5. The initial screen should be the LINES screen. Using the scroll bars at the right, locate the desired user, and then click on the drop down arrow to the far right of their name. Select “view individual settings”. User commportal for selected user will be opened.
  6. Click on the SETTINGS option on the top menu bar. User account settings are displayed.
  7. Click on the MESSAGES tab under Settings.
  8. Check the box “Forward messages as emails”.
  9. Click on the link “add an email address”, or if an address already exists, you can edit or remove it.
  10. If you want messages to go email AND to the phone, check the box “Leave original in Inbox”. However, if you want messages to ONLY go to email, do not check this box.
  11. If you choose the option “Leave original in Inbox”, you can also choose to include a hypertext link the email that allows the user to delete or save the message in their Inbox (Phone) by clicking on the link in the email. To enable this feature, click on the “Include next action links in emails”.
  12. Click on APPLY button.

You may now close the user commportal window for this user.