If your organization utilizes the free Phoneware Easy Attendant service, it does not allow for a special greeting to play on holidays. Instead, it supports a business hours greeting and a non-business hours greeting. The non-business hours greeting plays outside of regular business hours such as nights and weekends, as well as on holidays. Therefore, when your holidays are scheduled under the “special days” setting of your auto attendant, your normal non-business hours greeting will be played. For organizations that just close on standard holidays, that will probably suffice. But if your organization observes an extended holiday break, you might want to play a special greeting for your callers to hear when they call.

If you would like to have the ability to automatically schedule a separate holiday greeting to play on holidays, you can subscribe to the Phoneware Premium Attendant service for $15 per month. The Premium Attendant allows for multiple “modes”, each with a separate greeting and menu, such as business hours, non-business hours, lunch, holiday, or anything other special mode. To subscribe to the Premium Attendant service, just notify service@azphoneware.com, and we can set this up for you quickly. We will also have our professional voice artist record new greetings for you when you sign up for the Premium Attendant.

If you would like to keep the Easy Attendant service, and just re-record a special holiday message to play, you may do so by following these instructions:

First, you will need 3 pieces of information. If you do not have these, please contact the Phoneware Customer Service department at service@azphoneware.com:

  • Your Easy Attendant Telephone Number
  • Your Easy Attendant PIN (passcode)
  • Your Easy Attendant Scripts

When you have these items, follow these steps:

1. Call voicemail by pressing your MESSAGE or VOICEMAIL button, or dial 602-445-7770 and wait for the automated system to answer.
2. If you are first prompted to enter your voicemail PIN, DO NOT DO SO. Instead, press * to exit this prompt and return to the “enter telephone number” prompt.
3. Enter the telephone number of your easy attendant and press #.
4. Enter your PIN and press #.
5. Press 1 to change your easy attendant configuration.
6. Press 3 to edit announcements for non-business hours.
7. Press # to edit the initial greeting.
8. Current non-business hours greeting is played.
9. Press 1 to re-record the announcement. Begin recording after the tone. Press # when finished.
10. Greeting is played back for you. Press 1 to keep this recording, or press 2 to re-record.
11. Hang up.

Now, whenever your system is in the non-business hours or special days mode, callers will hear this recording in place of your regular non-business hours recording.

If you do make this change, don’t forget to repeat this process and re-record your standard greeting so that callers will again hear this when they call your organization outside of regular business hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Phoneware Customer Service department by dialing 611 on your Phoneware extension, or by calling 602-445-7777, option 1, or send an email to service@azphoneware.com