Frequently Asked Questions About Your First Phoneware Bill

  • How will I receive my bills? Your first Phoneware bill should arrive via USPS just after the first of the month after your service is activated.  Paperless billing is our preferred method. We will send your first bill as paper via USPS but we request that you send an email to, providing us with the email address you prefer to receive monthly emails notifying you that your current month bill is ready to view online in the Phoneware billing portal.
  • How can I access my account online? After providing us with your email address, your account will be set up for online access and you will be provided with your login information. Once you receive your login information, simply visit our billing web portal at to access your bill and have the option to post payments online.
  • To whom do I submit payment? Payments for monthly telephone service should be made to PHONEWARE INC, and mailed to the address listed on the bill.
  • Why is my first bill amount higher than expected? Your first bill typically includes activation charges, and also prorated billing for your first partial month of service. PHONEWARE service is billed one month in advance, i.e., we send you an bill on the first of each month that covers the phone service for the coming month. But, your service probably did not “go live” on the first of a month, so your first bill will cover the partial month from when your service went live to the end of that month, plus the coming month. Prorated partial month charges and activation charges will show up on your bill under the “Other Charges and Credits” section. Partial month charges will show a date range, such as “from 06/16/17 to 06/30/17″.  Activation charges will show a single date, such as “06/16/17”, which is the date the service was activated.
  • Can I pay with a credit card? Yes. When you visit the online billing portal at, you can pay your bill via credit card.
  • Can I have my bill paid automatically each month using my credit card? Yes. Just send an email to to request automatic monthly payments and we can assist with getting you set up.